Solaris Equestrian provides the best horse boarding in the Edmonton area

Solaris Equestrian has been providing horse boarding services since our inception. We provide high quality facilities that will leave you feeling confident your horse is in good hands and has a great home! Our facilities are organized and kept incredibly clean, and our attention to detail ensures that health and safety is top of mind, your horse will be well cared for when they become an extension of the Solaris family!

We currently have many boarders, and each rider receives a dedicated, hand crafted tack locker. When you board your horse with Solaris, you become part of our family, you can meet like-minded folks and make long lasting friendships and memories! Camaraderie and care are key parts of the Solaris Equestrian boarding package. We model ourselves after the hospitality industry, not other horse boarding companies. That’s why our horses are so beloved and well taken care of, they are our guests!

When you board your horse with Solaris, you’ll have unlimited access to them and be able to book a designated time to spend with them in our arena. Boarding with us gives you complete access to our facilities, so you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonderful experiences here at Solaris, whether you’re training in the sand jumping pit, relaxing in the greenspaces, or going for a rejuvenating walk through the wooded trails!

Before move in day, all horses are vet tested for any transmissible equine diseases. You can trust that your horse will be safe and happy here! Once you’re staying with us, you’ll go through orientation and be able to make yourself at home.

If you’re interested in boarding with us, give us a call for a deeper discussion and to book a tour of the facilities! We’d love to get to know you.