Horses Available for Sale and Leasing

Solaris Equestrian offers premier horses that are available for sale and lease. Our horses are predominantly warm blood breeds of jumping horses. We take care to ensure all our horses available for sale and lease have amenable temperaments and are easy to train. The select horses we have available for sale or lease are beloved horses that have been well cared for in our state of the art facilities.

All our horses are fed with their specific dietary and supplements in mind with high quality, regular veterinary and farrier services. For all indoor boarded horses, they receive daily turn out, plus all our horses receive daily watering, cleaning of living area, disinfecting of water and feed vessels. We also arrange any necessary physical maintenance by therapists for injury recovery and other physical therapy. We offer an extra level of care for all our horses, and ensure that every horse is happy, healthy, and ready to ride.

When you buy or lease a horse from Solaris Equestrian, you can trust that you’ll be treated with integrity. We deliver on our promises, and all our horses are treated with dignity and care! 

If you’re interested in leasing or buying a horse from Solaris Equestrian, please give us a call! We’d be happy to talk about availability, horse care and maintenance, and arrange for you to come meet our horses!