Remembering Our Beloved Horses

Each and every one of our horses is dearly missed when they go to horse heaven. Although we know that they are enjoying the freedom of warm and grassy pastures, we miss them for the cherished friends that they were. We love our horses, and want to honour all those who have passed on in our care.

At Solaris, when a horse passes away we plant a tree in their memory. The previous property owners began this tradition, and we believe that it properly celebrates the lives of these treasured animals. Below you will find any horse who has passed on while with Solaris, some had famous lineages or were celebrated at competitions, but all were equally loved here at Solaris Equestrian.

Mr. Kansas, 2003 - 2019

Always remembered and cherished as my angel and champion. I miss you every day.

Spook, passed away October 2020

Constant companion.